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Men Massage & Spa Malta 
For Cosmopolitan men

Men Massage & Spa is the new massage concept in a stylish ambiance.With great attention to detail, we have created the most beautiful spaces for cosmopolitan, tolerant men. New rooms to stay and relax. True to our motto “more than man expected”, we ensure that every detail of our guests’ stay in our Men’s Spa is always a special experience.
The Spa is located in the 75 Farsons Hamrun.

We would like to sincerely thank all guests, who have already recommended us in many forums to friends and acquaintances. These recommendations are our best reference and we are really extremely proud of that!

We look forward to your first or next visit.

Adrian Gusman

 My name is Adrian Gusman. I am from the Beautifull Island of Malta and I am a Professional Massage Therapist, I have been working on this profession for the past 15 years. I love travelling and I have lived abroad in many countries and studied in Bangalore, a city in India in an Ayurvedic SPA for 2 years. I have worked and learned many techniques from South Africa Namibia for 1 year and in the USA Orlando and in other countries in europe such as London, Barcelona, Berlin, Holland and Paris. I love working in SPA enviroment and I put all my passion and love to this buisness venture.


Offers for couples

We offer Special Discounts for Couples when booking any 90 minutes or more treatments.

Complimentary Services

Top of the line

This Boutique Private SPA is open 24 Hours 7 days a week and all the treatments are with complimentary wines, herbal teas including water

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Taxi Service


We also provide door to door taxi services for interested clients.

Jacuzzi Hands onn Massage (1hour - €50)

Enjoy a full body massage with the Masseur in the hot tub water and jets and experience the benefits of the Hands onn massage and the jets all in 1 treatment.

Indian Tantra Massage (1hour - €50 or 1½ Hour - €80)

Enjoy a pure ancient experience of a 3,000 year old technique and method body to body deep muscle relaxing massage for maximum relaxation for body, mind and soul.

Normal Relaxing Basic Full Body Massage(1hour - €50 or 1½ Hour - €80

Enjoy a total deep muscle relaxing full body massage and experience a total relief from stress of the daily routines.

Aromatherapy Deep Muscle relaxing Massage (1 Hour €50 or 1½ Hours - €80)

Experience the benefits of the Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils with a nice blend and combination by the Aromatherapyst Masseur depending your character and needs at that moment in time to combine with the Organic Almond and Aloe Vera oils to benefit fully for a relaxing and stress relief full body massage.

4 Hands Massage(1hour €150 or 1½ Hours €200)

Enjoy this Luxury full body gift by being massaged from two qualified Massage Therapyst and experience a total relaxing moment

Aromatherapy Tantra Bath Therapy Massage (1 hour €50)

Experience the ultimate luxury of being lightly massaged in a Herbal Therapeutic hot bath with the nice blends and relaxing smells from the finest aromatherapy pure essential oils combined just perfectly for a great relaxing experience with the masseur, the bath is big enough to accommodate 2 persons.

Jacuzzi Aqua Jets session (1hour €30)

Relax in the 5 seater Jacuzzi in Warm aromatherapy water and benefit from 10 different jets and positions to help you relax and indulge it’s amazing after a body massage to complete your relaxation experience to the full.

Relaxing Basic Facial Treatment Massage (30 minutes €25)

Enjoy a nice relaxing facial treatment including, facial cleansing, scrub and 2 different of Masks and with the Facial Moisturiser enjoy a nice full facial and neck massage. All the products and cosmetics are from a Swiss Brand organic and anti-allergic amazing for sensitive all skin types

Full Body Shaving (1 hour €30 or Half body Shaving 30 mins €25)

For those who don’t like to trim or shave their own Back, Legs, Arms and also genital areas this is a great service offered for you, using safely and hygienic shaving machines to obtain the trim or shaving at your own liking.

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